Mr. Shea Stadium!  
    New York Mets and Shea Stadium Memorabilia  
  15  Miscellaneous and Want List            
      2008 Shea Stadium Security ID card master list!  
  Close up of some ID cards  
     (Note the Shea Final season emblem)  
         Close up of some Media Passes  
     (Note the Shea Final season emblem)  
  Close up of some ML credentials  
            (Note the Babe Ruth photos)  
    Program Stand  
      Programs stand at Shea Stadium  
    Program Stand    
    Right side panel Right side panel    
      Front panel       Top counter      
          Ticket Turnstile while at Shea Stadium  
          Ticket Turnstile  
            Ticket taker box, lid opened  
    Original 1964 ticket taker box  
    In the "older days" before barcodes, your ticket was ripped in half.  
          You kept one part and the other was put in this box.            
   Public Announcer's "PA" phone  
      This was the phone used by Shea Stadiums  
    Public Announcer (PA). The PA phone has 3  
    extensions on it. Extension 4504 was the PA line.   
    Plus the PA could also pick up a line from the  
    Mets Dugout as well as a line for "Home Plate",  
    a line in the tunnel behind home plate used by  
    the umpires.  
        (Below, Phone extension close-up)  
  Large 1996 Yearbook Panel    Large 2001 Yearbook Panel  
    Large Yearbook panels up in the Suite level hallways while in Shea Stadium  
          Color by Pergament  
    This was a sign from one of the luxury suites in Shea Stadium. They were  
            also a company which did most of Shea Stadium's prints for the Mets      
  Smoking Permitted sign  
          This sign has a label on the back saying it came from the Diamond Club      
  Framed WFAN Radio sign      
                       A WFAN sign while at Shea Stadium  
         A E D sign     
      Windscreen Mets Hat 4' x 4'  
      Directions to the Automated External Defibrillator  
               at Diamond club, Tunnel, Press level etc.             (Not sure of stadium location. Has a rip in the middle)   
  Casey At The Mets  
           Very old and very rear item!   
    This is an 8mm film of the New York Mets first Manager, Casey  
   Stengel! Filled with interviews, clips from the Mets days in the  
   Polo Grounds, and construction of Shea Stadium.  
              The Amazin' METS '69  
           Another very old and very rear item!   
    This is a super 8mm film of the New York Mets first World Series win!  
   Has highlights from the Expos game when the Mets clinched first  
   place, the famous Cubs game, the playoffs and clips from each  
   of the 5 World Series games. Again, as with the above Casey film  
   this is a must for all Mets Fans!  
      Shea Stadium Coaster  
  1986 National League Playoff Ticket      Final season coaster. Budweiser and SNY sweepstakes to  
     October 14, 1986 at Shea Stadium Houston  win a pair of Shea Stadium seats. (Promotion is over)  
   Astros vs. N.Y. Mets Game 5. Mets won 2 to 1    
   in the bottom of the 12th inning                
    Shea Stadium Postcard  
       Shea Stadium postcard is from the  
    1964 New York World Fair. Shows the  
    stadium the way it was at birth!  
     (One postcard, front and back view)  
  Front view  
  Back view  
    Shea Stadium Final season ball  
       Rawlings Official Major League Baseball with  
   box. Says, "Shea Stadium 1964 - 2008". Great  
   Shea memory item.  
  The Amazing Mets LP Record  
   Hey kids! Back in the day before ipods and CD's,  
    this is what we used to listen to things, records!  
  Casey Stengel on the cover of Sports    
     Illustrated March 5, 1962 RARE!              
    Mets Lineup Card (Minor League)  
     Card is from the mid 1990's. Note Rey  
  Ordonez is batting 2nd!  
  First game in Citi Field Ever Hat  
     April 3, 2009 (Exhibition)  
     Mini Souvenir Bat. First game in Citi Field Ever April 3, 2009 (Exhibition)  
     Mini Souvenir Bat. First game in Citi Field, Inaugural Day April 13, 2009  
                Want List            
  We are looking for the following items for our private collection. If you have any  
         of these items and are interested in selling or trading for it, please contact us.    
      NO PHOTO    
      (2) Seat    
        (1) Confetti from the original Shea design. These were those  Original wooden seat planks from Shea  
           orange & blue steel panels all around the outside of Shea While the seat legs and risers remained  
  the same, the Mets changed their seats  
   from wood to plastic after the 69 world  
               series time frame    
    (3) Section "25" only from the Upper Level       (4) Field level section sign, small only  
     (6) -    
      Helmet rack from either dugout. If you have the  
    (5) Hats, Jackets and Shirts, aprons etc from   whole section we'd be happy even with just a  
      all different workers in Shea      small cut section and leave you with the rest.  
        . (8)    
              Any other Shea items that might  
             interest us. Let us know what you  
      (7) Parking lot "location" area signs.      
        We have the following numbers:      
                 X-1,  X-4,  X-7,  X-8,  X-9.       
   We're looking for the other numbers          
  (9) Better photo's! Maybe we have an item listed   
  that you have a better picture of. Send us a copy!  
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