Mr. Shea Stadium!  
    New York Mets and Shea Stadium Memorabilia  
  13 Player Used Clothing              
          Player & Coaches Used hats from 2006 and 2007  
                "Recycled" Mets Uniforms educational moment        
        Before MLB began their Hologram authentication program, unless there was a "Key Player",  teams did not  
    pay much attention to the value in used uniforms as collectibles. As a result the teams would pass on down to  
   their minor leagues the previous years uniforms. We have a good number of these items; everything from pants,  
    Jerseys (Home, Away & Batting practice) and windbreakers.            
     When the minor league team would assign one of these "hand-me-down" pants, they would write the players  
   number in magic marker in the waistband of the pants. However they would not remove the original players  
   information from them. Each of these pants have sown in the waistband the original Mets players name, year  
   used, number and pants size.  
     Player-Used pants      
   1998 Jermaine Allensworth #23 Home Blue Stripes 1991 Bob Apodaca #56 Away Orange/ Blue Stripe  
     Each of these windbreakers have the name METS on the back and the players number on the left sleeve. They  
   also have the Mets "NY" on the front. And while there are minor league teams in the Mets farm system named  
    Mets, they aren't from NY. So these teams had to sow on patches over the NY on the front. Late 1990's.model.  
          Two patches covering the "NY"  
    New York Mets Windbreakers   Two patches over the "NY" removed  
       Most windbreakers have just a thin shell. These windbreakers however  
   also have a liner that looks like a sweatshirt. In other words these are not your everyday windbreaker!  
    Windbreaker, player # 8  
        Jerseys: Home, Away & BP        
           New York Mets Home and Batting Practice (BP) Jerseys while at Shea Stadium  
        New York Mets Home Jersey    1998 Model, size 46  
       Player # 38            
   New York Mets Away Jersey    1998 Model, size 48  
       Player # 40            
        New York Mets Batting Practice Jersey    2000 Model, size 48  
       Player # 68            
           Steve Trashsel Batting Helmet  
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