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    New York Mets and Shea Stadium Memorabilia  
  12 Stadium Demolition              
      NOTE: This page is set up for the die-hard fan. Fans who will collect bricks, steel, fencing or nuts and bolts  
  etc. just because "it came from Shea". It is for those fans and collectors that this page is set up for.  
         Shea Stadium "Bricks" educational moment        
       The number one question we get asked more than any other goes something like this, " I saw a brick on eBay (or  
    somewhere) and it looks different from the one my friend has. How do I know if it is really from Shea Stadium or not"?  
   Since there were a few different bricks in Shea Stadium we thought it would be helpful to educate fans and collectors.  
     There are three main bricks from Shea Stadium that we will label as small, medium and large. These three bricks  
   have one visible thing in common with each other. They all have the same "face", the side seen from the outside. That  
   is the only thing they have in common as everything else about them is different (the small & medium side view is also  
   the same as the face and back). These three bricks were mixed all together in the construction of Shea Stadium. In  
   other words you will find for sale a brick "block", with two or more bricks still together which will have either two or all  
   three of the different size bricks in it.    
     With that said, there is no difference from the bricks used on the outside wall, inside or outfield walls. Unless the  
   brick has a MLB hologram that states it came from a particular place, the brick could have come from anywhere in the  
    The next question that follows is, "If it doesn't have an MLB hologram ID on it, how do I know if it really came from Shea  
   or not. How do I know someone didn't go to Home Depot and buy it"? ( For those who are not from the New York area,  
  New Yorkers have a "street smart" about them and don't trust anyone. Always on their toes so they don't get taken). The  
   truth is you'll never know for sure. However if it looks like these three it probably is from Shea and here's why.  
      Bricks change from year to year. Bricks that were made just a few years ago look different than those made today!  
   Remember, Shea opened in 1964 but ground was broken in October 1961, 49 years ago! Do you have any idea just how  
    many different changes bricks have gone through since than? Even if there was someone who wanted to deceive fans,  
      I doubt that they could ever find any bricks that look like these . I know we've never seen them before!    
        Small Bricks
     Standard front look and on the side. The top shows the    
    main distinction of this brick. It has two rows of holes, five    
       per row. The back view shows the vertical ridges    
    Top View    
    Front View    
    Side View    
      Back View                
      Medium Brick
    Standard front look and on the side. The top shows this    
   bricks main distinction. It has one row of 5 large holes. The    
   back view shows the vertical ridges.    
    Top View    
    Front View    
    Side View    
      Back View                
     Large Brick    
    Standard front look. Bottom is flat. The top shows one long ridge. The    
    back has one long line. The side view shows two round tube holes that    
    goes all the way through. These side holes and lack of holes on the top    
    is the main difference between this one and the other two.    
    Front View         Side View    
    Bottom View    
        Top and back View              
    Small, Medium and Large size bricks on outside wall at Shea Stadium  
    Side View Top View    
     Orange Cinder Blocks
        Standard cinder block. Very common item. While not      
   many people paint them orange, we would be a little more      
   cautious about one of them without any paperwork or      
    hologram ID #      
       As you can see from our photo on the right, the orange      
   cinder block came from the ground, first level (field). Some      
   also have another color on the other side like "pink" as that      
   side was a ladies room. We are not aware of any other level      
   cinder blocks being removed or authenticated by MLB.      
    Now for some reason a few of these blocks have hologram      
   ID #'s that say they came from the outfield wall. As far as we      
   can see from ALL of the Shea photos we have, we don't see      
   any orange walls out there. The outfield wall was blue on      
   plywood. The back and all of the Long Ball Alley was chain      
   link, and the sides had the above three bricks. So while we      
   respect the hard work MLB has done, unless someone can      
   show us a photo of an outfield wall painted orange, we      
    believe they all came from inside the field level.      Orange Cinder Blocks while in Shea Stadium  
         Walk way pavers        
    These pavers are very common and are found        
   in most of the parks in the five boroughs of        
     New York. I do not believe any of them were        
     given a hologram by MLB so unless you pulled it        
   yourself from the Stadium (as we did) I would        
         not trust any being sold as from Shea.        
                Walk way pavers while at Shea Stadium    
           Red Brick                
       Standard red brick. Front, bottom and sides are flat. The top is indented with the name "Hutton". We pulled  
    only a few of these from the demo site not thinking that there would be much interest in a "common" red brick.  
    However after some research we found it was not "common" at all. The Hutton brick company (est. 1890) was  
    sold in 1965 (the year after Shea opened) to another company, sold once more and closed in 1980. The point  
   being is that after 1965 there were no more of these bricks made. So if someone has a Hutton brick and says it  
   came from Shea, there's a very good chance that it did. As far as we know, MLB did not hologram any of them.    
    Front View         Side View    
      Front View               Bottom View      
      Bricks from Shea Stadium during the demolition      
           Our Stock    
     We collected a large amount of bricks from the stadium of all sizes during the demolition. We also obtained some  
    that were Authenticated but felt silly paying large amounts of money for them just to have an MLB sticker on it when we  
    already owned the same items. So we stopped buying them and decided to just sell the ones we already had, without  
    any authenticity. For those who only want to own those that are authenticated, please see page 16 for some other  
    recommended web sites. For the rest of you who just want Stadium bricks (and other Shea items) see below.  
              We'll even give you a copy of the extra authentication papers with these bricks, just for your own reference!  
     Small  $ 45    Medium  $ 60  
      Large  $ 75  
              Brick "block" set. If interested, ask for more details & availability  
   Broken Bricks, Small parts  $20  
   Broken Bricks, Large parts  $30  
    Field Level Corridor Block $125  SOLD      
   Field Level Corridor in Shea during the demo  
     Red Hutton Brick $55 SOLD  
       Brick/ concrete mortar From Shea during Demolition  
    Demo brick/ concrete mortar mix $5            
  Concrete ramp railing $325  SOLD      
    This is part of the concrete railing that were on the sides of      
  the ramps that you would walk to get to the upper levels. We   Concrete ramp Railing while in Shea  
  know of no one else who has one of these. And what makes  
  this one so interesting is the inscription. It says, "2-1364". Could  
  it be "2/13/1964, a date 2 months before Shea opened? We have  
  no way to know for sure but it is still an interesting part of Shea Stadium.  
     We literally have parts of Shea Stadium!      
         While many people were interested in just      
   grabbing bricks, we looked at the blue steel from      
   the stadium and felt true fans would be interested      
   in it. We ended up "saving" some of the debris      
   from the scrap piles and glad we did! As far as we      
   know, no one else has any and we do not believe      
   MLB authenticated any either. In other words, we      
   have the only lot available of "Shea" blue.      
         We have blue 1/4 inch steel and heavy steel      
   screen that have been cut down to size. Each one      
   range in size from 12" x 10" to 12" x 12". Edges      
   can be sharp!      
      Shea Stadium debris during Demolition    
     Heavy Steel Screen  $20 Steel squares: All Blue  $35   Part Blue  $25  
           Chain link fence while in Shea Stadium  
        Parking lot chain link fence  $150  SOLD   Parking lot chain link fence "links"  $5  
        6 foot by 3 foot section of the parking lots chain link   (See below for notes)    
     fence along with two of the upright poles  
          Parking lot chain link fence section  $25      
     Note: Years ago when the Mets painted the parking lot      Bottom up fence with original blue paint  
   fence black, there were parts of the bottom fence buried under  
   the woodchips that did not get painted. As we collected sections  
   of the fence, we gathered up many of these bottom blue original links.          
         Dark & light Blue wall tiles  $5 each      
    These wall tiles were used on the walls in food court areas.      Blue wall tiles while up in Shea Stadium  
         Shea Stadium Demolition Package:    
    One small size broken brick $20    
    Steel building screen $25    
    Steel building plate (partial blue) $25    
    Chain link $5    
    One blue wall tile $5    
    Demo brick/ concrete mortar mix $5    
    Total $85    
    Package discount: - $20    
         Discount Package price $65          
    CITI Field Bricks    
            Brick (A)  $20  SOLD Brick (B)  $30  SOLD            Pavers  $25  SOLD  
    We have only a few of these. During the building of the new stadium, we were able to obtain    
         a few of the bricks and pavers used for the construction of CITI Field from our "Fiends".    
    (Shipped photos have no watermark are high resolution and top quality)    
    High resolution 4 x 10 photo    
    Demolition # 1  $15    
      Panoramic view of both stadiums. One coming down while the other is going up    
    High resolution 8 x 10 photos    
    Demolition # 2  $15 Demolition # 3  $15    
    Demolition # 4  $15 Demolition # 5  $15    
    Demolition # 6  $15 Demolition # 7  $15    
        Shea is all gone now just ruble as Citi Field stands  
      in the background    
    Demolition # 9  $15    
       Last section standing    
    Demolition # 8  $15    
    Demolition # 10 & 11 set $25    
             Last section. Before, and after        
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