Mr. Shea Stadium!  
    New York Mets and Shea Stadium Memorabilia  
  9 Seats and Chairs                
    Field Level Seats in Shea Stadium   Loge Level Seats in Shea Stadium  
    Field, Mezzanine and Loge Level seat plastic backs and bottom set.    
        Field Level Cup Holder    Cup holder while in Shea Stadium  
    Standard Model    
   Field Level Cup Holder    
              Long Model    
             Mezzanine section steel railing      Mezzanine section railing while up in Shea  
               Field level section steel railing    Field level railing while up in Shea Stadium  
     Loge level section steel railing      
       Loge level railing while up in Shea Stadium  
       Upper level railing while up in Shea Stadium  
     Upper level section steel railing    
         (For season ticket holder name plaques and seat section numbers on railing, see page 10)  
New York Mets Locker Room padded folding chair  
    These were the padded folding chairs that were used by the Mets players  
      in the Locker room in Shea Stadium. Removed right after the last game  
                 Locker Room Chair while in Shea Stadium    
  Back view  
    Visitors Locker Room padded folding chair  
     Unlike the Mets Locker room chairs, the visitors clubhouse chairs were  
   not assigned to players. The front of the chairs have advertisement on them  
   while the back says, "Shea Stadium Visitors Clubhouse".  
                  Front view    
           Metropolitan Seat back   Metropolitan seats while in Shea Stadium  
    These seats were located in the first few rows of    
     seats behind home plate between both dugouts              
         Field Level Photographer Stools
    Next to both of the dug house in Shea, there where      
   two yellow Nikon areas set aside for photographers.      
   Inside these areas were an assortment of stools      
   Field Level Photographer Stools while in Shea Stadium  
    Nikon Stool with N.Y.      
    National League Stool   Nikon Stool missing top cover  
  Mets Trainer Medical Stool  
   This was one of the medical stools  
       used by the Mets trainers staff.              
    Bottom Seat in the down and up positions before separation    
    Single leg for seat    
    Media booth and Luxury box seats    
    These seats came in sets of three before being separated. Seats have cushion backs and bottom.  
      Bottom seat folds up.    
     Executive Suite Chair  
      The Mets had a Citi Field Preview center set up in Shea  
   to show some of the items from the new stadium. They    
   bought some of the stadium and executive chairs over  
   to Shea for everyone's review. There are not many items  
   that you can say came from BOTH of the Mets stadiums!  
      Unlike the stadium seats, these seats have wheels and  
   can be used in an office or to use with a desk. The backs  
   of these seats are the same as those used for the seats  
   right behind home plate.                  
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