Mr. Shea Stadium!  
    New York Mets and Shea Stadium Memorabilia  
  1 Dugout and Locker Room            
           The Dugout            
   As far as stadium items go, anything from the player's dugout or field items are very rare and highly collectable!  
     New York Mets & Visitor's Dugout Bench  Restored    
           While there were over 50,000 seats in Shea      
   Stadium there were only a handful of these bench      
     pads that made up the New York Mets Dugout      
     bench! This is where the Mets players sat year      
         after year while playing in Shea Stadium.      
   Truly a very rare item!      
       New York Mets Dugout Bench and back wall "New Era"   
           panel while in Shea Stadium    
           Restored Note:       
       As you can see from the photo on the right, the      
    Mets bench pads were mounted to the back wall in      
     the dugout and to upright floor brackets. We have      
    "restored" the bench by using steel "L" brackets to      
   hold up the back bench and supports on the bottom.       
               New York Mets Dugout during the demolition  
    Shea Stadium Dugout Bench "New Era" wall panel    
   Dugout Bench and back wall    
    (The bat racks were nothing      
    more then a wooded box  Bat rack & Phone bank in Dugout while in Shea  
    with holes cut in the front and    
    these tubes inside to hold the bats)    
   Mets Dugout Bat rack tube
   from the dugout.      
   New York Mets Dugout Phones      
   Mets Dugout Phone bank      
            Mets Dugout Gatorade containers    
       while in Shea Stadium    
      Mets Dugout Gatorade Container
     Take a look at the pictures on the right. There were only      
      3 of these. Super rare Mets player used dugout item!      
          MLB Rules, "Conduct"   MLB Rule, "Pace of Game"  
   MLB Rule of Shea Field"  
  Line up card 7/10/08  
    N. Y. Mets Dugout fence while in Shea Stadium  
      New York Mets Dugout Protective Fence  
   Made of Heavy steel poles wrapped in decal padded cushion with netting and are 5 foot by 3 foot      
      Also see page 2, 8, 9, 11, 13 & 15 for more items from the Dugout & Clubhouse!  
            The Locker Room          
         New York Mets Lockers. Standard model  
  Visitors locker. Standard model.  
    N.Y. from over Mets Lockers     N. Y. over Lockers while in Shea  
  Marlon Anderon Locker Name Tag  
  Oliver Perez Locker Name Tag  
                Robinson Cancel Name Tag          
  Trainers Examination Table   
      This is the table the Mets medical staff would use to evaluate and treat the players     
   Mets Locker Room TV  
      This was one of the actual televisions   
  that the Mets players used to review and  
   evaluate the opposition pitching.  
    Mets Locker Room Clock  
     and MLB Hologram authenticity ID#  
      This was one of the clocks that was  
  on the wall in the Mets locker room.  
  New Yorks Mets DL List Dry Erase Board  
               This is the board from the Mets Clubhouse listing all of the players on the Mets DL list.    
        Mets Locker Room While In Shea Stadium        
         As sacrilegious as this may sound, some of the lockers from Shea Stadium were busted up and trashed   
   (missing parts, needed repair etc). Knowing how fans and collectors feel about stadium artifacts, we saved some  
   of the parts from each of these lockers along with its MLB Hologram ID and the Letter of Authenticity. The   
   lockers destroyed were of the larger models that had wire mesh side panels for ventilation, foot lockers with  
   hasps that could be locked and more shelf room. The part we saved were:  
  Steel side vents Coat rack bar Coat hooks with screws  
  Double size shelves Name tag plate Small boards from the locker  
  Foot locker Foot locker lids Shelves  
          Shea Lockers Being Destroyed        
          Locker Foot Locker    
      Visitors locker.      
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