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    New York Mets and Shea Stadium Memorabilia  
    "Celebrating the New York METS Amazin’ 50th Year!"  
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    Welcome to Mr. Shea Stadium! We have the largest supply of Shea Stadium collectables in the country!  
      While we don't have everything, we are pretty close to it! The Stadium is gone, but the memory lives on.  
  Since the stadium closed its doors for the last time in October 2008, we have been busy buying out  
   large stocks of Shea Stadium collectibles and continue to do so. Our web site is for both fans and collectors.  
   We have items from just about every place in the stadium. Many of our items are one of a kind that you will  
   not find anywhere else, including the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY!  
  About 98% of our items come with either one or two forms of authentication, from well know sports  
   authenticators: a Letter of Authentication and an MLB Hologram authentication number. In 2001, MLB began  
   their own authentication program. They place a tamper-proof label on the item, then log that number in their  
   data base which is open to the public  Try it. Enter one of our MLB ID numbers on their web page below:  
     ID #   SH 069091 www.mlb.com/mlb/authentication/index.jsp  
           For the few items we have without authentication, trust us, they're real. Our reputation is on the line!  
             Some items qualify for free shipping/ delivery. Please see page 16 for details.  
        So sit back and take a walk down Shea Stadium memory lane!  
    (You will see a glove or bat in many of our pictures. They are there just to give a perspective of the items size)  
  Page 01 Dugout and Locker Room  
  Page 02 Field and Final Game  
  Page 03 Concession Stand and Food Court  
  Page 04 Signs Seat Section and Rest Room  
  Page 05 Signs Corridor Advertisement & Escalator Mr. Met  
  Page 06 Signs Neon and Outside  
  Page 07 Facades  
  Page 08 Banners and Doors  
  Page 09 Seats and Chairs  
  Page 10 Season Ticket Holder Name Plaques  
  Page 11 Framed Photo Portraits and Pictures  
  Page 12 Stadium Demolition  
  Page 13 Player Used Clothing  
  Page 14 Yearbooks and Scorecards  
  Page 15  Miscellaneous and Want List  
  Page 16 Ordering and Shipping Information  
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        Henry with his Jerry Manel's Door          Lellani with his Locker  
  Danny with his Mike Cameron framed picture  
  Joe with his "Mets" and "Amazin" Façades  
             Paul with his 3 level escalator sign  
             Brian with his Mr. Met escalator sign  
         LuAnn's Christmas gifts!              
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